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Search Engine Marketing

We could write a long page about on-line marketing, bring in a lot of acronyms such as PPC, SEO, SEM, SMM, etc. We could put up charts to demonstrate the remarkable market penetrations that our customers are enjoying thanks to our expertise (well, we did actually!)

But we rather mention only one most important reference in the industry, which says it all - Google! Google has prepared a case study on one of the companies that applies our methodology and expertise. Please get in touch and well gladly share this with you.

We could also talk about how to improve your online sales funnel, the ROI of your paid marketing, your landing page, defining your KPIs or work on your web analytics We could also, using our email marketing or affiliate marketing expertise, help you grow your base of leads and contacts, with rapid implementation that doesnt lead to an intense impact on your current site but we would want to understand first the specifics of the possible opportunities you want to work on or the pain points that you want to remove!

Rather than speaking, we prefer to do it for you, and prove it to you. Actions speak louder than words, and words would not do justice to the level of detail and effort we put into our work. We are being told that our customers havent seen anything similar in the industry (yet!) and our obsession for numbers will certainly delight you, especially when well be able to prove the return on investment on your projects. Finally, if you are thinking of building a business or have a business that uses both online and offline channels, we have even cracked the much talked about off-line / on-line integration!

So, should you wish, we can present you with a complete strategy to deliver real business results. And as a first step, we suggest an Request an Analysis Now, at no cost, to give you our perspective and routes for improvement

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO offers long term sustainable results in improving your Search Engine position or Page rank, but it takes time and continuous effort. With a team of SEO specialists and professional web technologists, we provide customized and responsive SEO account management services.

ACHIEVE REACH TARGETS We will not only increase the volume of traffic channeled to your website, but also ensure you receive high-quality, targeted leads with high conversion rates.

COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH As part of our comprehensive strategy, we perform an initial diagnostic which includes an extensive onsite and offsite analysis, a report on SEO friendliness of your website and its competitive positioning on Search engine results. Based on our analysis, we present actionable recommendations for a 6 month management plan. We, then, deliver to the plan or assist you in the same.

WEBSITE SEO FRIENDLINESS In this report we analyze and optimize page and website fundamentals such as titles, title descriptions, meta-tags, readability, content, freshness, interlinks, broken links, site navigation and architectural clarity. Offsite we, primarily, look at links and their quality. Given that we have an in-house link-building team, we control both the quantity and quality of links.

Link Building

Link building is the process of creating quality inbound links to your website, by way of creating smart working reciprocal links and one way links, or posting articles in relevant e-zines, newsletters or directories. Creating inbound links to your website is one of the best ways to generate a good Page Rank and a high keyword ranking in different search engines. We have a team of in-house specialists, who provide our link building services. This implies that we do not do automatic link building. By doing our link building manually, we ensure that your links are submitted in the right category of directories and not arbitrarily. We also provide you with a detailed report on a monthly basis presenting the link submission activities. Depending on your needs, we can provide the following services:

* Manual directory submissions: This is, undoubtedly, the best way to build link popularity on your website. This allows us to verify that we do not provide duplicate links. We will also constantly update you on the links submitted, including link location.

* Social bookmarking services: Social bookmarking is a way of sharing, organizing, searching and managing bookmarks or Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI). We are adept at tagging and bookmarking your website, along with the relevant metadata, to ensure your website improves its ranking in the required Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

* Article marketing: This is a crucial part of our service and of your search engine optimisation strategy. Naturally, the content of these articles has to be unique and not less than 400/450 words. We can submit articles that you have developed or articles that are produced by our copywriters.